Customize your engine guard chaps

Embroidery: Due to increased demand for embroidery we now have literally hundreds of options to choose from. We'll do text or graphics in multi or single color. To get an idea of what's available we have access to a number of the patterns at Embroidery Designs. Have a look, chose a design and tell us the number. If we don't have it we'll let you know. Ingore the prices you see in the catalogue, if we have the design there's no cost to purchase it. If you want something as simple as your nickname or bike name embroidered on your covers, just tell us the font type and color and we'll make it happen. Cost for embroidery is by quotation as we're getting more custom requests.

Studs: How about chrome studs on front and back? We do that too. We charge $45 for studs front and back.
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Thunderbird embroidery samples




Boots, Hat & Rope and Kokopelli


Western design and Indian Chief


Bear's Paw and Indian Feather designs


Southwestern Buffalo skull samples


Howling Wolf and Gecko samples


USMC logo embroidery samples




Helicopter and US Navy samples




Eagle & Flag samples


Eagle embroidery samples


Patriot Guard Embroidery Samples


Viet Nam Veteran embroidery samples

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Army Command Pilot & Skull & sword


POW embroidery samples


Firefighter & Police samples


Firefighter embroidery samples


Firefighter and Canadian Flag


Tin man and Saved By Grace


US & Arizona flags, US & Alaska Flags


Flower embroidery samples


Never Forget and US and Texas flag

Colors can be omitted or changed in most cases Colors can be omitted or changed in most cases

Flower embroidery samples


Tree of Hope & Mom & Dad rememberance samples


Faith embroidery samples


Faith Embroidery Samples


Wizard & Crystal Ball Embroidery


Evil Wizard Embroidery


Fairy On Moon FC0057 Embroidery


Peace Sign and Dolphins samples


Embroidery Samples


Moose & Crab embroidery samples


Snake and Eagle embroidery samples


Cat face embroidery colors


Eagle and wold head embroidery samples


Scorpion and Betty Boop samples


Dragon embroidery samples


Deer and Guardian Wolf


Humming bird and rose samples.


Embroidery samples


Wolf / Okami


VROC logo embroidery sample


Custom Skull and Stylized flames samples


Punisher Skull embroidery samples


HD logo samples


HD logo samples


HD logo Samples


Willie G & HD logo samples


Compass and VStar embroidery samples


Northern Star and Star Riders logos


Canucks logo and paws samples


Nautical Star and 4 ACES samples


embroidery samples


Embroidery samples


Embroidery samples


Dragonfly and Never ride faster embroidery


Skull & tomahawk and Victory logo


Custom color chaps on Nomad with Fire & Steel engine guards


Studs on Yamaha Roadstar Big Bar engine guards

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Studs on Roadstar with Yamaha Big Bar engine guard


POCKET 4.5" x 6" inside dimension on Nomad F&S bars. Snap closure


Custom studs on Victory Custom Cruiser with factory bars


Custom studs on Lindby bar


Custom Studs on Vulcan Classic with Sage Brush Engine Guard Chaps

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Custom studs on VN1600 with F&S bar (no hwy peg opening)


Custom studs on Road Star with Barons Bars

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Custom studs on Harley Davidson Dyna Series Guards


Custom studs Sage Brush Chaps on 1500 Drifter Cobra Engine guard