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How We Make Them
All Sage Brush Engine Guard Chaps are designed by our staff and are custom fit for each engine guard model. The process begins with precise measurements from which a prototype is made for a test fitting. Adjustments are made and a final pattern is created. All Sage Brush Engine Guard Chaps are assembled using commercial equipment by professionals. The engine guard chaps are available in a top quality "leather look" marine grade vinyl. They go on in about a minute and come off in less than10 seconds.

All chaps are designed to provide maximum protection against wind and water providing you with miles and miles of warm dry feet. They also come ready to accommodate highway pegs. If you have additional accessories that may impact our standard design or installation just let us know and we’ll allow for that in the fabrication.

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This is the best part. All models are priced the same with the exception of custom color material. You pay one small price of $85. That’s right, and we ship via Air Mail to anywhere in America for one small fee of $14. That's less than the cost in many cases. No extra Custom fees, or Duty charges. Now beat that. Delivery takes approx 5 to 10 days.

We accept all major credit cards. We're also set up with PayPal in order to serve you better. PayPal allows you the use of your credit card even if you're not a member.

Email us at or call toll free 1-866-358-2270 if you have any questions.